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Divergent the Divergent Definition

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Divergent Series: Ascendant

She's a moody, self indulgent, gun firing, cliff jumping, ass kicking little bitch-faced mole.

  • Still, I'm undecided whether I care enough about what happens to Tris to invest time into reading the sequel.

  • When terrible things happen to her family and friends, she accepts these tragedies with an uneasy grace that makes her difficult to relate to as a reader.

  • Randall Poster served as the film's music supervisor.

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You can stop at any time.

  • There are dystopias that bank on romance or.

  • She has also explored voice acting, most prominently in the role of Wonder Woman on Young Justice.

  • Unlike the Hunger Games' Katniss, Tris is often an immovable force.

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