Afghanistan news - Afghanistan: Humanitarian crisis threatens basic human rights

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Afghanistan: NRFA escalates offensive against Taliban; launches guerilla attacks

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Four people working to vaccinate children are shot dead in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan: UN envoy calls upon Taliban to allow girls' education

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Afghanistan: Western envoys say humanitarian aid depends on girls' access to education

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Four people working to vaccinate children are shot dead in Afghanistan

Afghanistan News

Meanwhile, women and girls face great uncertainty when it comes to respecting their rights to education, livelihoods and participation.

  • Nashif said it leaves many questions unanswered.

  • But until aid flows restart in earnest and the economy improves, Sakina and through a harsh Afghan winter, and some will die.

  • It is now an invincible valley.

Millions of Afghans on verge of starvation, U.N. warns

We have to accept it the way it is.

  • Unemployment is often cited as the reason for malnutrition, Mort said.

  • And when they began making headway in cities, many Afghan forces gave in to them, convinced that the government in Kabul would not back them up.

  • It's cultural obtuseness, obliviousness to their reality and their lived experience.

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