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لكن المشكل الذي يعاني منه معظم محبي لعبة ببجي هو الشحن، إذ تحتاج إلى دفع مبلغ مالي مقابل الشحن، وهذا يشكل عائقا كبيرا بالنسبة للعديد من الأشخاص.

  • You can imagine as to why this is such a large advantage, seeing as you'll be able to prepare ambushes and avoid them at will.

  • If you haven't gotten that elusive first win our tools are almost guaranteed to get it done, unless you can't be helped — then again, we like to think that our tools can help anyone and everyone! In a competitive setting, battle royale games have become adrenaline-inducing battles that leave you wanting more except when you come in second place, of course.

  • Setting up an ambush or actively avoiding one for yourself has never been this straightforward.

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You don't need to worry about any potential ambushes that are sitting on the other side of walls, because you can just use your x-ray vision to spot potential threats in the area.

  • You know what the hacks do and how they can help, now it's simply a matter of applying them for yourself! If you wanted to ensure that you would have a kill shot on your opponent around every single corner, you'll have to not only develop the habit of aiming around them, but also make use of a Player's Unknown Battleground.

  • Otherwise, our hacks are pretty safe.

  • Playing games on your phone or tablet has grown in popularity as of recent, mainly because they allow you to game on the go without any real need for a console.